Job Demand, Job Opportunity & Job Insights – You can rely upon The Jobs Report

The Jobs Report is a quarterly report on job demand and job opportunities within Australia and New Zealand. Breaking the job market down by industry, occupation and region, The Jobs Report scans for change and tracks the trends.

Powered by the industry body for recruitment and staffing, RCSA, The Jobs Report draws upon more than 6,500 job data sources to ensure each quarterly report is accurate and comprehensive. The Jobs Report starts with robust data and then overlays recruitment industry insights to deliver strong, yet simple, messages so that job-seekers know where to hunt and job-creators know how to hunt.

Our data is collected from employer, recruiter, and niche job boards across Australia and New Zealand so you can be confident that The Jobs Report can be relied upon quarter-in, quarter-out.

Repeat advertisements on one site, or across multiple sites, are de-duplicated to avoid double counting. Artificial intelligence is used to code every job advertisement into a wide range of key fields from which detailed analysis is possible.

All data in The Jobs Report is Seasonally Adjusted.